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Dec 02
Our Holiday Gift Guide

Well, it actually only consists of two things: the Istanbul Eats guidebook and our built-to-last bazaar bag. Our book is the perfect holiday gift for that special someone you know who is planning a trip to Istanbul or thinking about a visit. It’s colorful, chock full of great tips on where to eat in Istanbul, highly usable and fits in your pocket. Think of it as the original app. Priced at only $18, it’s the gift that keeps on eating.

Our bazaar bag, meanwhile, is the ideal companion for those trips to the weekly produce bazaar (or, depending on where you live, the farmer’s market). Made out of sturdy canvas, this deep bag has more than enough room to hold all your shopping. And it’s stylish, to boot, its sides decorated with an original print by Istanbul-based artist Olga Alexopoulou. The bag costs $25.

To buy the book, click here. For the bag, click here.

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