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Jan 07

Advice: Flyby Dining in Istanbul?

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Küçük Ev, photo by Yigal Schleifer
Dear Istanbul Eats,

I’ll have an eight-hour layover in Istanbul and was wondering if you have any suggestions for places to go for a good Turkish breakfast and lunch. I love to eat at small, local places serving authentic food. I would prefer restaurants in the Yeşilköy area, as I have to be back at Atatürk Airport to board an international flight (which I cannot afford to miss!).

Though Istanbul is a huge metropolis, with eight hours you can venture into almost any part of the city and safely make it back to Atatürk Airport on time. But to err on the safe side, let’s limit your grazing territory to the southernmost neighborhoods of the Old City, which are the areas nearest to the airport.

The rest of this previously featured advice column can be found on, here.

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