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Jan 18
Anthony Bourdain in Istanbul

Globe-trotting celebrity chef and television star (who would have imagined those words would ever be used in the same sentence?) Anthony Bourdain has discovered the charms of Istanbul, it appears. Tonight’s episode of his Travel Channel show, “No Reservations,” touches down in our fair city, which Bourdain visited several months ago (hitting a few Istanbul Eats favorites along the way). For those with access to the Travel Channel and who are interested in seeing what he turned up during his visit, the show airs at 10pm in the United States.

In the meantime, the Travel Channel’s website has a mapped guide from to the food spots Bourdain visited during his Istanbul trip. You can find it here.

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6 Responses to “ Anthony Bourdain in Istanbul ”
  1. Hah, I just found out about this and came here to email you about it but you already knew.

    Do you know how they chose the places to visit?

  2. That’s a good question. We’ve been wondering the same thing ourselves.

  3. I got the impression that the taxi driver may have had something to do with it… but I would love to here your take on the places and the food he ate.

    I was there last summer with my family and we used several of your recommendations — and loved every minute of our visit.

  4. It looks like A. Bourdain found some sweet spots. I wonder how the heck he found them. I spent 4 days in Istanbul last Fall- unfortunately I didn’t know about your site back then- and the concierge at our hotel sent us from one tourist trap after another. What’s up with that? I wanted to wring the guy’s neck.
    I wonder what hotel did Bourdain stay at? His concierge clearly had the inside dope.


  5. mmm KALE is a breakfast favorite of mine too, love the steaming lavas bread slathered with honey and buffalo-milk clotted cream (kaymak). Too bad the Travel Channel describes it as being on the Bosphorus *River*.

  6. I’m taking my family to Istanbul in two days and I’m looking for some good spots. I’m open to any suggestions.

    What is the website that was mentioned?

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