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Nov 27
Istanbul Eats’ Photo Competition: The Winner!

The Fruit Terminator -- photo by Uta Beyer

We are happy to present the winner of our first photo competition: “The Fruit Terminator” by Uta Beyer, a researcher, consultant and amateur photographer who lived in Istanbul for many years but is currently based in Tbilisi, Georgia. Here’s what Uta had to say about her winning photo:

The photo was taken on the main coastal road (Sahil Yolu) in the “downtown” of Yeniköy, on the European side of Istanbul.

I passed this greengrocer several times every day on my way into and out of the city, and was fascinated by the colors as well as the neat organisation and presentation of the fruits and veggies day by day. In January I especially loved the evening hours, with the lightbulbs highlighting what’s on offer, like a spot on the show. And, of course, this is also the Turkish greengrocer par excellence – I’ve never seen fruits presented so perfectly anywhere in the world like in Turkey, especially Istanbul.

I wanted to capture the contrast of the bright, colorful fruits and veggies against the dark surroundings. Also, I was fascinated by the contrast of this cool and strong “man in black” and the sweet and fragile items he sells; I call him the “fruit terminator.”

Congratulations to Uta and thank you to everyone who submitted their wonderful work. We’re looking forward to the next photo competition.

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