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Apr 12
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Istanbul Eats’ Photo Competition – Round II

Welcome to the second Istanbul Eats photo competition!

We were absolutely delighted with both the entries and the enthusiasm with which everyone approached our last competition, so we felt that with a new year it’s time we organized another opportunity for you to compete once more.

This time we’re looking for a portrait of someone who is associated with food, whether preparing, serving, cooking or waiting – it matters not. From the chef at the finest of restaurants to the guys on the street selling peeled carrots, from the waiter in a kofte shop to the sous chef, it’s up to you, take your pick!  It just has to be someone associated directly with food (not the garbage man for instance).

We’re going to have two competitions this time:

1. Turkey – for those of you based in Turkey or who have photos from your time in Turkey, with a prize of a meal for two with the Istanbul Eats team in one of our reviewed restaurants

2. Rest of the World – yes anywhere else! Submit a photo that fits the guidelines from any country at all – feel free to take your pick wherever you are. The prize is the same, so look at it as an incentive to come and visit us in this glorious city!

The competition is going to run for 6 weeks from 15th March to 30th April; every week choosing the best photograph that we’ve had submitted that week and publishing that as our choice of the week.  This means you have the chance of submitting up to 6 entries in our competition; feel free to enter at least one photo per week.

Either post your entry up on our Facebook fan page or email us at where we’ll place them on our website on your behalf…..

After the 6 weeks we’re going to choose our “top-ten” images and then it’s over to the popular vote, where we will ask our readers to choose the winner.

(photo by Jonathan Lewis)

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