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Jul 30
Reviews (Eats)
Bizim Ev: The Stash House

Bizim Ev, photo by "Meliz"
Editor’s note: This post was written by “Meliz,” an intrepid explorer of Istanbul’s culinary backstreets and frequent guest contributor who would like to keep her anonymity.

It all started with Laz böreği. It was not just any Laz böreği that showed up at the dinner party that evening, but perfect Laz böreği: layers of yufka (phyllo), buttery and moist, dusted with confectioner’s sugar, in a symbiotic balance with the custard, which was neither too sweet, nor too eggy, neither too runny, nor too stiff. Juuuust right. Goldilocks would have been proud. And, it turns out, this stuff is addictive.

So that got us on the ferry and up the hill to Moda Caddesi in Kadıköy, on a pilgrimage to the source. And that is where we really got ourselves into trouble. Bizim Ev (“Our House”) is a storefront on one of the arcaded stretches of Moda Caddesi, tucked in among discount stores, karate studios, the best butcher in town and five million coiffeurs. Although Bizim Ev is primarily a takeaway type of operation, they do have a few tables, both inside and out. Glowing and cozy, the place welcomes you with an immediate barrage of choices. And therein lies the problem: How to choose just one thing?

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