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Mar 30
Reviews (Eats)
Kandilli Suna’nın Yeri: Port of Call

Boatspotting on the Bosphorus is a favorite pastime for those lucky enough to have windows with the right view. On any given weekend afternoon on the busy straits that divide this city, the ship and boat traffic unfolds like a caravan of the flags of the lesser-known countries of the world.

One afternoon at Suna’nın Yeri, a small fish restaurant that, with its army of tables, chairs and frazzled waiters, seems to have conquered the waterfront of the Bosphorus-side Kandilli neighborhood, a small boat from a nation we could not immediately identify pulled up in the wake of a tanker and unloaded two hungry patrons.

A closer look revealed the word “Guernsey” written on the back of the  boat and we wouldn’t be surprised if the couple actually did come all the way from that island in the British Channel. The food at Suna’nın Yeri (“Suna’s Place,” in Turkish) is just that good. (To read the rest of this archived review, click here)

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5 Responses to “ Kandilli Suna’nın Yeri: Port of Call ”
  1. Had a lovely dinner here on Tuesday. The fava was out of this world, one of the best I’ve ever had. The fried calamari was very good but they must have changed the recipe of the accompanying sauce since your last visit…not good.

  2. Katie,

    The fava really is special. We sat with Suna hanim once while she was making it, hoping to get a recipe but she was very vague. For good reason! Sorry to hear about the calamar sauce. I hope it was just an off day. We’ll check on that one and report back.

  3. Really looking forward to this place on our visit to Istanbul.
    Two questions:
    do they serve alcohol?
    Where can you find the boat timetables for getting off in Kandilli.

  4. Hi Tylle,
    The restaurant does serve alcohol and here’s a link to the public ferry website:
    However, at a glance I didn’t see a ferry that stops there. I’ll check into it and post it on this thread.

  5. I am searching around for good place to eat, my and my family is traveling there at the end of May.Hope we have a good time on our vacation ,I saw on some of the comments talking about the Fava can way to get there, also do you guys serve Wine?.
    Salvador Antonacci

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