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Aug 26
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Istanbul Eats Walks!

We are happy to announce the start of our culinary walks program!

Turkish cuisine, like Turkey itself, channels cultural currents coming in from every direction, resulting in the delicious culinary chaos that is Istanbul. Turks, Greeks, Arabs, Persians and countless others have passed through here, leaving an indelible stamp on the cuisine. Historians speak of the “layered” nature of the city; we like to think of Istanbul as a stew.

Our walks lead visitors on an eating binge through Istanbul’s lesser seen historic side streets and the authentic markets of the city, taking in countless hard-to-find culinary gems and, in between meals, a couple of untouristed monuments.

The walks are designed for small groups and usually last half a day. Please contact us at for more details and rates.

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5 Responses to “ Istanbul Eats Walks! ”
  1. As a new expat, I’d also be up for a tour of a regular supermarket to differentiate between the many types of yogurt, cheese, and meats. Look forward to the new walks!

  2. Aaron & Emily

    Aug 1, 2010

    We were happy to have been one of the first to experience the new Istanbul Eats walks. Our guide, Angelis, was knowledgeable, quirky, enthusiastic and fun. The experience was like joining a friend on a “greatest hits” tour of his favorite local haunts. The walk included unique historical sites and perspectives to complement and enhance the many culinary treasures and oddities found along the route. We found ourselves enjoying things we would never have known (or had the courage) to try on our own… Some of the spots were so great that we actually returned the next day on our own! This tour is highly recommended for anyone who loves food and wants an experience that is off the beaten tourist path.

  3. Estanislao

    Oct 4, 2010

    The walk was extremely fun and informative. So happy to have mighty Angelis “el griego loco” as a guide. Food, history and context all together.
    As a professional cook, It was a real pleasure to get into small streets and watch things that would be next to impossible to find by myself. People was very nice and proud of their products.
    The book is also great, tried most of the adresses and realized that Istanbul enjoys of the best food scenes in the world.
    Kokorec rules, Long life to kokorec!

    El tour es espectacular, me llevaron a lugares que son muy dificiles de encontrar por tu cuenta.
    Gracias a Angelis, un tipo muy divertido, llegamos a lugares muy escondidos.. Terminamos comiendo sandia, queso y pan ( ¡! ) con unos parroquianos en un cafe inencontrable. La gente es muy amable en Turquia.
    Recomiendo hacer la caminata los primeros dias al llegar a Estambul, asi despues puede uno moverse con mas soltura dentro del alucinante mundo gastronomico que tiene Estambul.
    No dejen de probar el Kokorec, una especie de choto Uruguayo superdimensionado.

  4. The most interesting, exciting and delicious tour I have ever done! Angelis’s enthusiasm and knowledge added an extra dimension . it was amazing going to the tiny places that a tourist would never notice, let alone dare go in, alone- we were welcomed everywhere and regaled with delicious and often esoteric things ( such as the kokorec !) to eat and imbibe….a must for food -lovers visiting Istanbul…

  5. Adam & Hsuan

    Nov 25, 2010

    This was our first visit to Istanbul and this tour was more than amazing. We ate through stall after stall after stall….on and on (warning: do not have breakfast before you start on the tour). The food was absolutely delicious, and Angelis’s insightful knowledge of the dishes and engaging conversations have been the highlights of our stay. We particularly loved the doner kebab layered with tomatoes and peppers, downed with some fresh squeezed pomegranate juice (with a splash of orange juice). Our only regret was that we thought we would have time to return to these places and make some purchases, but we did not manage given the time restraint. We are excited that there is another tour and certainly look forward to visting Istanbul soon.

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