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Nov 22
EatingAsia Interviews Çiya Chef Musa Dağdeviren

At Ciya -- photo by Yigal Schleifer
, a marvelous blog that (mostly) covers Asian food and culinary traditions, recently caught up with chef Musa Dağdeviren, creator of Istanbul’s Çiya Restaurant. A kind of culinary anthropologist, Dağdeviren has helped introduce Istanbulites and visitors to the city to traditional recipes and ingredients from across Turkey that are even hard to find in their home regions. His restaurant remains one of our all-time favorite places in Istanbul. EatingAsia’s interview with Dağdeviren helps explain why.

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2 Responses to “ EatingAsia Interviews Çiya Chef Musa Dağdeviren ”
  1. Hey – thanks much for the plug. We hope to sample more of Chef Musa’s magic — and hopefully meet you folks in person — when we head to Turkey in the spring.

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