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Archive for March, 2010

Mar 31

2nd Photo Competition: Winner of Week 2

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We are proud to announce the second weekly winner of our 2nd photo competition, which is focusing on portraits of people working in the food business. The weekly winners will be among the group of “top 10” submitted images, from which our readers will select a final winner. The contest ends April 30th, so keep those submissions coming.

This week’s winning shot, by Canadian Chris Beauchamp, is of a vendor in Istanbul pushing his cart of sweets. Congrats Chris!

Culinary Backstreets
In case you didn’t know, Istanbul Eats now lives over at Culinary Backstreets. Same great culinary walks, same great culinary writing. You’ll be redirected there in a few seconds!

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Attack of the Doner-bots
4 responses - Posted 03.30.10
A disturbing piece of news that ran in Sunday's Hurriyet Daily News just caught our eye. It turns out a fiendish company in Germany has come up with a robotic device that slices döner, potentially putting an untold number of dönerci's (those would be human döner slicers) out of work. ...continue
Kısmet Muhallebicisi: Funky Chicken
1 response - Posted 03.29.10
Ali Bey, the owner of a cubby-sized restaurant in Küçük Pazarı called Kısmet, sounded a bit like Bubba Gump listing the items on his menu: “Weve got chicken soup, fried chicken gizzards, shredded chicken breast, dark chicken meat too, chicken and rice, chicken with onions and peppers, and chicken breast ...continue
Şahin Lokantası: Edible Complex
4 responses - Posted 03.26.10
For Turks, mealtime is often a complicated emotional drama, one that revolves around a lifelong effort to return to the culinary womb – in other words, their mother’s kitchen. In Turkey, Mom’s cooking sets the standard by which all others are judged and, truth be told, some of the finest ...continue
2nd Photo Competition: Winner of the Week
2 responses - Posted 03.24.10
We are proud to announce the first weekly winner of our 2nd photo competition, which is focusing on portraits of people working in the food business. The weekly winners will be among the group of “top 10” submitted images, from which our readers will select a final winner. The contest ...continue
Badehane: Asmalimescit Gone GaGa
no responses - Posted 03.22.10
One recent Wednesday night found us outside of Badehane, in Beyoglu’s Asmalimescit area, packed in like sardines. We were pleasantly pickling ourselves with raki while listening to the sweet sounds of clarinet virtuoso Selim Sesler and his Roma orchestra when someone at an adjacent table said, “This place used to ...continue
Asuman: East of the Border
9 responses - Posted 03.19.10
Considering the fact that Iran is a next door neighbor to Turkey and that so many Iranians call Istanbul home, we’ve always found it more than a bit baffling that there are hardly any Iranian restaurants in the city. Imagine New York with all but a handful of Mexican restaurants? ...continue
Istanbul Eats in Turkish, Mashallah!
no responses - Posted 03.17.10
After almost a year of reviewing restaurants in English, we’re happy to announce that our reviews are now also available in Turkish. We’ll be updating the Turkish site ( constantly with new reviews and classics from the Istanbul Eats archives. While our particular brand of humor may not always work ...continue
A Culinary Tour of Turkey – in Istanbul
no responses - Posted 03.14.10
The English-language daily Today's Zaman has an article up that takes a look at some of the restaurants in Istanbul serving food from other regions in Turkey. The article (addresses included, for a change), offers some good tips on where to find food from the Black Sea and southeast regions ...continue
Üçüncü Mevki: Student Fare
3 responses - Posted 03.12.10
In Istanbul, the plight of the öğrenci, or student, is felt by most vendors. “C’mon, we’re students,” is a familiar bargaining mantra that applies to the purchase of a jean jacket, bus tickets and just about everything in between. No need to pull that routine at Üçüncü Mevki, a homey ...continue
Hey EU, Hands off my doner!
2 responses - Posted 03.10.10
Turkey’s EU accession talks have raised a lot of important questions on reform, accompanied by predictable growing pains. But the latest news from Ankara, which can be read in Turkish in this article in the daily Radikal newspaper, makes us more than a bit uncomfortable. According to the article, Turkey’s food ...continue

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