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Archive for February, 2010

Feb 26

Kale Cafe: Escape from Beyoglu

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With its outings along the Bosphorus, one thing that the recent Istanbul-centric episode of Anthony Bourdain’s “No Reservations” television show made us realize was how much we tend to get stuck in our own little Beyoglu bubble. Granted, Istanbul’s “downtown” zone has enough restaurants to keep all but the most jaded eater happy, but it’s never good to get into a rut.

We were particularly intrigued by one of the places featured in the show, Kale Cafe, a cozy-looking spot in the Bosphorus-side Rumeli Hisari neighborhood, that specializes in serving up a bountiful Turkish breakfast. Continue…

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Since You Asked: Istanbul’s Fish Scene?
16 responses - Posted 02.24.10
I am just back home from a cruise to Turkey, which included a short stay in Istanbul. I was pleasantly surprised to find such a strong seafood culture there. Shame on me for expecting lamb, lamb and more lamb! I indulged and managed to identify some of the fish I ...continue
The Best Little Fish House in Galata Gets a Bit Bigger
5 responses - Posted 02.22.10
Good news for those who have tried to eat at Furreyya Galata Balikcisi, the winning fish house near the Galata tower, only to find the tiny place full: the restaurant has recently remodeled, doubling its number of tables. Bad news for those who have tried to eat at Furreyya, only ...continue
Lades: Old Faithful
7 responses - Posted 02.19.10
If Lades, which means “wishbone” in Turkish, provided an actual wishbone alongside the usual post-meal wet wipe and toothpick, we’d close our eyes and make a wish that we could eat their tandır (oven-roasted baby lamb) seven days a week. These large knots of tender, fragrant meat lined with a ...continue
Beyoğlu Öğretmenevi: The Teacher’s Lounge
7 responses - Posted 02.15.10
Like Atatürk statues and crescent-and-star flags etched into the sides of mountains, the öğretmenevi (“teacher’s house”) is an integral part of the Turkish landscape. Found in almost every city in Turkey, these government-run institutions serve as affordable guesthouses for educators on the road and – since anyone is welcome if ...continue
Fıstık Kebap: Much Love for Lahmacun
8 responses - Posted 02.12.10
Let’s face it: lahmacun is easy to get excited about. It checks all of the boxes of a perfect savory snack – crispy-oven fired crust, light and spicy meat spread, with a fresh green topping and a tangy spray from a lemon. It’s like an artisanal pizza with a Middle ...continue
Baklahorani: It’s Carnival Time
no responses - Posted 02.10.10
Food moves us to behave in strange ways, but for the Greeks of Istanbul, a celebration of the broad bean, or bakla, is a means to dress up in costume and run wild in the streets. An old Istanbul tradition, recently revived by Greek expats, Baklahorani hits the streets of ...continue
48 Hours in Istanbul: An Eater’s Guide
12 responses - Posted 02.08.10
(Editor's Note: The New York Times' travel section recently ran a "36 Hours in Istanbul" feature that was low on good eating suggestions. Prompted by the Times piece, today's post is a food-centric "48 Hours in Istanbul" guide we prepared a few months ago for a local magazine.) Day One: Turkey’s ...continue
Istanbul Eats Drinks: Asma Altı Café Bar
no responses - Posted 02.05.10
Models don’t hang out at Asma Alti Café Bar and Mustafa, the bartender, isn’t experimenting with lost Ottoman-era concoctions or any dry ice hocus-pocus. In fact, order anything but an Efes draft – an Efes Light, for instance – and watch the waiter scramble off to the corner store to ...continue
Since You Asked: Drinking in Turkey?
5 responses - Posted 02.01.10
(Editor’s Note: This is the first installment of our new advice column, "Since You Asked," in which we plan to answer readers’ questions about anything food and drink related in Istanbul (and even beyond). Got a question? Send it in to and we’ll try to answer it in an ...continue

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