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May 20

Up in Smoke: Homegrown Turkish Delights

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Yesterday, a New York Times article, titled “Marijuana Fuels a New Kitchen Culture,” reported that some “chefs are unabashedly open about marijuana’s role in their creative and recreational lives and its effect on their restaurants.” With dishes like poutine of foie grois, cereal milk flavored soft-serve ice cream and deep-fried cheese steak hotdogs, some New York chefs are flying high in the kitchen. They call it haute stoner food.

In Istanbul, capital city and starting point of the ancient Hippie Trail, there’s nothing haute about the stoner food and it seems to be deeply imbedded in the mainstream culinary culture. In New York it may take a chef with the munchies to get creative, but here, even to the stone sober, stoner food feels a bit more homegrown and connected to the grassroots.

Below is our top five list of things that stoners might enjoy eating in Istanbul: Continue…

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