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Jul 29

Off the Beaten Path on Turkey’s Turquoise Coast

Out of Istanbul

Ruins in Demre, photo by Theodore Charles

Along the southwestern coast of Turkey, the vibrant blue waters of the Mediterranean crash against dry, rocky mountains jutting from the water’s edge. For centuries, pilgrims and adventurers alike have scrabbled over the unforgiving terrain between Fetihye and Antalya known as the Lycian Way. Ruins dating back to Greek and Roman times nestle between the scrubby trees and undergrowth, melding with the landscape and painting a picture of the life that has always dotted the shore. The Turquoise Coast is a popular place to visit in the summer, with massive sand beaches and countless pansiyons catering to every type of tourist. While most people visit this region for its stunning vistas and beaches, it has exceptional food if you know where to look.

Hiking down the coast, stopping at sites like the nearby fires of the mythical Chimaera, is a true backpacker’s holiday. The naturally occurring methane flames on the mountain inspired fearsome monsters common to the lore of the region. Mini bus (dolmuş) travel in the area is remarkably simple and can take you almost anywhere along the coast. One of our preferred stops is Demre. While not supporting the tourist industry of Olympos or Kars, the city has a great deal to offer, as well as a hidden culinary treat.

Read the rest of the review at Culinary Backstreets.

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