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Dec 02

Our Holiday Gift Guide

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Well, it actually only consists of two things: the Istanbul Eats guidebook and our built-to-last bazaar bag. Our book is the perfect holiday gift for that special someone you know who is planning a trip to Istanbul or thinking about a visit. It’s colorful, chock full of great tips on where to eat in Istanbul, highly usable and fits in your pocket. Think of it as the original app. Priced at only $18, it’s the gift that keeps on eating.

Our bazaar bag, meanwhile, is the ideal companion for those trips to the weekly produce bazaar (or, depending on where you live, the farmer’s market). Made out of sturdy canvas, this deep bag has more than enough room to hold all your shopping. And it’s stylish, to boot, its sides decorated with an original print by Istanbul-based artist Olga Alexopoulou. The bag costs $25.

To buy the book, click here. For the bag, click here.

Culinary Backstreets
In case you didn’t know, Istanbul Eats now lives over at Culinary Backstreets. Same great culinary walks, same great culinary writing. You’ll be redirected there in a few seconds!

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Beyoğlu Authorities Turn the Tables on Outdoor Seating
4 responses - Posted 07.26.11
Late afternoon on Sofyalı Sokak, the restaurant-crowded street in Beyoğlu’s Asmalımescit district, is usually happy hour – two-for-one tequila shots, rakı glasses clinking, half-liters of Efes hoisted. But today, in the aftermath of a Beyoğlu-wide crackdown on outside seating that left the street bare of a single place to sit ...continue
The “Baklava Bailout”
1 response - Posted 07.19.11
This one is certainly going to hurt Greek national pride: According to the Wall Street Journal, famed Athenian baklava seller Epe has not only been importing Turkish baklava for the last decade to sell in its stores, but has now had to be bailed out by its supplier from the ...continue
In Beyoğlu, Love in the Hot Seat?
3 responses - Posted 05.20.11
We were as shocked as everyone else in Istanbul to read recent reports that claimed the Beyoğlu municipality’s inspectors were going around the neighborhood telling bar owners to get rid of their two-person outdoor “loveseats” – and in some cases forcibly taking those seats away – because they were leading ...continue
Hamsi: Catch Them While You Can?
no responses - Posted 05.08.11
Things may be going from bad to worse for Istanbul fish lovers. The other day, we learned from The Atlantic the sad story of how mackerel became so overfished in the waters around Istanbul that local fishmongers had to start importing the stuff from Norway so that the city's famous ...continue
Abracadabra’s Vanishing Act?
6 responses - Posted 04.27.11
In what may turn out to be worrying news for Istanbul food lovers, Arnavutkoy's Abracadabra has recently closed due to "permit" problems. Although we are told that the restaurant, run by the creative chef Dilara Erbay, will reopen once things are sorted out, it's not clear when or if that ...continue
Ye Scurvy Pirates!
6 responses - Posted 04.18.11
Aarrgh! We've just found out that a pirated PDF version of the Turkish-language version of our book is currently sailing around the Internet. While we appreciate the effort to further spread the Istanbul Eats word, we also believe that the 11 lira price tag on the book is eminently fair ...continue
Springtime Shopping – It’s in the Bag!
no responses - Posted 04.15.11
With spring approaching, Istanbul's open-air fruit and vegetable bazaars will soon be overflowing with new produce. How to carry that springtime bounty home? The answer, of course, is the Istanbul Eats "Bazaar Bag"! More details and ordering information here. We are shipping the bag worldwide. continue
Happy Birthday to Us!
3 responses - Posted 04.01.11
(Editor's Note: It's no joke! Today, April 1, marks Istanbul Eats' 2nd birthday! Thank you to all our readers for your wonderful support and great feedback. To add to the joy, we also just found out that we've been chosen as one of 2011's "Best Food Blogs" by the Tripbase ...continue
The Bazaar Bag: Just Tote It
4 responses - Posted 02.16.11
One of the pleasures of living in Istanbul is to settle into a rhythm of shopping in the city’s various weekly produce bazaars. At our local bazaar, we watch the seasons change according to the produce sold from little stands that crowd the side-streets. It is a riot of color ...continue
Radikal Reads Between the Buns
1 response - Posted 02.02.11
In the past, we’ve commented on the proliferation of burger joints in Istanbul. In our opinion, Kızılkayalar's "wet burger" is still the best in show because of its unbeatable combination of taste and value. But the buzz around Istanbul’s gourmet burger wars continues with a recent roundup featured in the ...continue

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