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May 25

Istanbul Eats in Sabah

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The Turkish daily Sabah ran a feature about Istanbul Eats — headlined “Food Explorers” —  in its Sunday edition. You can read the original article (in Turkish) here, and Google’s “my hovercraft is full of eels”-like English translation here.

Culinary Backstreets
In case you didn’t know, Istanbul Eats now lives over at Culinary Backstreets. Same great culinary walks, same great culinary writing. You’ll be redirected there in a few seconds!

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Breaking News: Körfez to Close
no responses - Posted 05.13.09
Here at Istanbul Eats, we’ve been procrastinating on a review of the venerable Bosphorus fine dining and high-living establishment Körfez. From the private boat shuttle that takes diners across the Bosphorus to the small, Asian-side cove that is the restaurant’s home, to the delicious sea bass baked in salt, Körfez is one of ...continue
Istanbul Eats in The Guardian
no responses - Posted 05.12.09
The Guardian has picked Istanbul Eats as its "Travel Blog of the Month." We are honored. Click here to check out the newspaper's highly informative and fun travel section. continue

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