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May 08

Advice: Dining with Kids in Istanbul?

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Photo by Yigal Schleifer
Dear Istanbul Eats,

My husband and I are planning a visit to Istanbul with two little ones in tow. We love to be adventurous with food and want to explore the city’s culinary scene, but are also a bit concerned about finding “child-friendly” places to eat. Do you have any recommendations?

We happen to be of the opinion that Istanbul is the greatest city in the world for parents traveling with kids, especially when it comes time to eating. The truth is, save for perhaps the fanciest places in town, almost every restaurant in the city is very “child-friendly,” because Turks happen to be some of the most child-friendly folks around. There are few places in town where other customers will shoot you a dirty look if your kids get out of line or spill their ayran.

In some restaurants, you may even find the entire waitstaff oohing and aahing over your children and offering to take your kids on a tour of the premises, allowing you to have a few quiet moments to actually enjoy your food. And while most places may not have an actual kids’ menu, our experience has been that almost every kitchen in town will go out of its way to make kids happy, either by whipping up something that’s not on the menu or sending one of the busboys out to grab an order of french fries or a tost (pressed cheese sandwich) from a fast-food spot down the street.

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