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May 16

2nd Photo Competition: Time to Pick a Winner

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With the submission period now over, it’s time to choose the winners of our 2nd photo competition, which focused on portraits and images of people working in the food business. The Istanbul Eats editorial team is going to choose winners from among the finalists in both the Turkey and international images groups, but we also want to give our readers a chance to vote for their favorite photos.

To do that, we’ve set up two Flickr photostreams where you can see the finalists:
International Portraits
Turkey Portraits

After you’ve taken a look at the photos, decide which one you like best from each group and send your vote to (please only vote once). Voting will be open for one week, so you have until Tuesday, May 18 to vote.We will announce the winners soon after.

Good luck to all the contestants and let the voting begin!

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