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Nov 23

The Simit Has Landed, Pt. II

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The November 25 New York Times has a quick review of the new Upper East Side Manhattan branch of Güllüoğlu, an Istanbul baklava maker (not to be confused, as we initially did, with the legendary Istanbul baklava house also called Güllüoğlu). We recently linked to a New York magazine item about the fresh baked simits being sold there, but it turns out they are also turning out other Turkish delights (the savory kind). You can read the Times review here.

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EatingAsia Interviews Çiya Chef Musa Dağdeviren
2 responses - Posted 11.22.09
EatingAsia, a marvelous blog that (mostly) covers Asian food and culinary traditions, recently caught up with chef Musa Dağdeviren, creator of Istanbul's Çiya Restaurant. A kind of culinary anthropologist, Dağdeviren has helped introduce Istanbulites and visitors to the city to traditional recipes and ingredients from across Turkey that are even ...continue
The Simit Has Landed
6 responses - Posted 10.29.09
New York magazine reports two potentially earthshaking pieces of news. First: Istanbul baklava maker Güllüoğlu has opened up a branch on the east side of Manhattan. Two: they are serving freshly baked simits ("looking a little like the secret love child of the bagel and the street pretzel," as the ...continue
Hamsi Time
1 response - Posted 10.27.09
Istanbul Eats' Yigal Schleifer has a post on the New York Times' Globespotters blog about the start of hamsi season in Istanbul. Hamsi is the Turkish name for the finger-sized anchovy caught in the waters of the Black Sea. Though small and inexpensive, hamsi holds a sacred place in the ...continue
Pickle Juice, Anyone?
no responses - Posted 10.05.09
The English-language newspaper Today's Zaman has a great article in Monday's edition about Turkey's love affair with pickles, called “turşu” in Turkish. Along with the usual assortment of pickled cucumbers and cabbage, pickle shops in Istanbul and other city also offer a dizzying variety of brined vegetables and even fruits ...continue
Istanbul Eats’ First Photo Competition
1 response - Posted 09.24.09
We are happy to announce the start of our first ever photography competition. Open to all, the contest’s first prize is lunch at one of the restaurants reviewed on our site (winner’s choice). Subject: "Istanbul Food Culture" Deadline: October 31, 2009 (Note: Due to popular demand, we've extended the deadline to ...continue
A 48-Hour Tasting Tour of Istanbul
1 response - Posted 09.13.09
Thinking about spending two days eating your way through Istanbul? If so, Anya von Bremzen, a travel writer who knows her way around Istanbul better than most, has an itinerary for you. You can check out her short article from Travel + Leisure here. (photo by Yigal Schleifer) continue
Cooking Classes at the Istanbul Culinary Institute
no responses - Posted 07.23.09
The New York Times' Globespotters blog recently ran a post (written by Istanbul Eats' Yigal Schleifer) about cooking classes for amateurs at the Istanbul Culinary Institute. Located in the heart of Istanbul's Pera neighborhood, the ICI also has a very pleasant restaurant/café that features the cooking of the institute's advanced-level ...continue
“Taste Routes” of Turkey
no responses - Posted 07.20.09
The English-language Today's Zaman newspaper has an article in today's edition that points travelers to culinary pit stops throughout Turkey. The suggestions are taken from a book called Lezzet Durakları (literally, "Taste Stops" in Turkish), sadly not available in English. The article has what seem like some very good suggestions ...continue
Beyoğlu’s “Festival of Local Flavors”
no responses - Posted 06.07.09
The Beyoğlu Municipality's 4th annual "Yerel Tatlar Festivali" (Festival of Local Flavors) is coming to a close this weekend with a three-day event featuring the foods of Rize (June 12) and Samsun (June 13), two cities on the Black Sea coast, and Cappadocia's Nevşehir (June 14). Held on the old ...continue
Kiva Han Gets the Thumbs Down
7 responses - Posted 05.25.09
Today's Zaman has a review of Kiva Han, a restaurant near the Galata Tower that tries to be a Beyoğlu version of Asian side favorite Çiya. It's not a favorable review: All in all, our experience at the new Galata Kiva Han was extremely disappointing, and on second thought, I should have ...continue

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