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Feb 02
Radikal Reads Between the Buns

In the past, we’ve commented on the proliferation of burger joints in Istanbul. In our opinion, Kızılkayalar’s “wet burger” is still the best in show because of its unbeatable combination of taste and value. But the buzz around Istanbul’s gourmet burger wars continues with a recent roundup featured in the Turkish newspaper Radikal. The article is, unfortunately, only in Turkish but the burger chart (pictured) ranks Istanbul’s gourmet burgers of note on a 10-point scale.

The sentiments of the article and, frankly, those of Istanbul Eats, are summed up in the two quotes below:

Tempo magazine’s Food Critic İlhan Demiriz: “The very term ‘gourmet hamburger’ is an oxymoron.”

Lokanta Maya’s chef and owner Didem Şenol: “These prices are really high. 20 TL for a hamburger!”

To read the full article, click here.

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One Response to “ Radikal Reads Between the Buns ”
  1. It looks like you still have not been to Jumbo Burger at Ciftehavuzlar. You need to go there. It is nothing like you had before. You will either hate it or love it or you will leave with mixed feelings. My wife loves it. I still sometimes ask myself if I love it or not. I think I do love it 🙂 IMO, they have this special sauce/mayonnaise which makes them unique. I think that place is worth a review. It is little pricey though but they have been in business since 1982. I guess they are doing something right.

    In another note, we ate Dukkan’s hamburger. I think it was okay. I think I prefer my wife’s homemade hamburgers to any place even to Bourbon Steak’s in Miami which has really good burgers.

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