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Sep 27
Turkish Food, Coming to a Freezer Section Near You

Turkey (the meat) has long been a staple of frozen TV dinners. It appears that soon Turkey (the country) is also going to be a major player in the frozen food department.

According to an article in this weekend’s Hurriyet Daily News, the ambitious owners of Sahan, a Turkish chain of restaurants serving the food of the southeastern city of Gazianetp, are starting a line of frozen food that they hope to export around the world. “Turkish cuisine is the third biggest in the world but we don’t make the most of it. Food has the biggest role in Turkey’s promotion to the world. We need to make it a source of income. We started selling frozen Turkish food for the first time and made money. We have signed a distributorship contract with Iran. We’ve received great demand from Greece, Italy and Germany,” the article quotes the chain’s Chairman, Tahir Tekin Öztan, as saying.

Coming soon, inshallah, to your local supermarket’s freezer section? Frozen lahmacun, icli kofte, karniyarik (stuffed eggplants) and even pre-cooked kebabs. Full details here.

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4 Responses to “ Turkish Food, Coming to a Freezer Section Near You ”
  1. I mean, don’t get me wrong, I love Turkish food… but under what possible metric is Turkish cuisine considered the “third biggest” in the world?

  2. Turkish cuisine is the result of the two biggest and most diverse Empires in Eurasia: the Eastern Roman and Ottoman Empires. Istanbul was the capital city of both. As such, it is an amalgamation of the cuisine of the caucases, mediterrania, Middle East, Balkans and Black Sea regions. The geographical, climactic diversity as well as the diversity of cultures created one of the most diverse yet coherent cuisines, rivalling in its scope Chinese cuisine in all of its variants. If you think Turkish cuisine is just about kebaps, you are wrong…

  3. I saw a TV-dinner-type thing in Migros supermarkets a few monts ago. But they’re not everywhere. Saw them again last week and took a picture. The interesting difference is that this stuff is not frozen:

  4. I’ve seen this claim about Turkish food a few times, but only in Turkey.

    Turkish food is diverse and delicious, but I think in this case, the metric is unfortunately, “kebaps”.

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