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May 17
Döner on the Side of Caution

We’ve previously sung the praises of Kasap Osman, a standby döner spot in the increasingly touristed Sirkeci neighborhood, but we’ve been getting unsettling reports from reliable sources that things might be slipping over there. We’ll go to Osman’s to check things out ourselves, but for now we suggest diners approach the spot with lowered expectations. Better yet, check out this recent review as well as the recommendations in this archived roundup of classic döner joints, written for us by Atilla Kapar, author of the blog Türkiye ve Dünyadan Lezzetler (“Good Tastes from Turkey and the World”) and a Turkish food enthusiast who, as he describes it, “reviews lesser-known restaurants in Istanbul that offer great-tasting food.”

(photo by Ansel Mullins)

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2 Responses to “ Döner on the Side of Caution ”
  1. I was here a couple of weeks ago. We had döner and lamb with vegetables and they tasted great; but it was a bit too pricey. Other than that it was fine.

  2. Excellente blog, greetings

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