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Oct 06
The Quince is Back

While we’re on the subject of seasonal arrivals, we just noticed while walking past Sakarya Tatlicisi, one of our favorite dessert shops in town, that ayva tatlisi (literally “quince dessert” in Turkish, although “quince in syrup” might be more accurate) season has begun.

In late spring, we were lucky enough to get a piece of the candied quince from literally the last tray of that season. But we were overcome with joy to see a new batch of ayva tatlisi sitting in Sakarya’s display case. A bit more about the dessert and where to get it can be found here.

(photo by Yigal Schleifer)

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2 Responses to “ The Quince is Back ”
  1. This place is so fantastic. A most welcome detour off of Istiklal Caddesi, and next to an visually gorgeous pickle place, Sakarya is home to everything that is right and good about desserts in Istanbul. I arrived here three weeks ago and have been four times already, each time bringing friends with me to share the find. The man dishing the dessert is just lovely. Thanks for a great tip.

  2. Kenneth Hayes

    Oct 23, 2015

    I have fond memories of sitting at one of those two little tables eating ayva tatlisi. With kaymak. And tea, of course. Looking back, it was a bit like eating a large slab of marmalade topped with a thick slab of butter, but Istanbul has a way of making extraordinary things seem reasonable…

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