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Jun 30
News, Out of Istanbul
EatingAsia Hits Southeast Turkey!

The folks behind EatingAsia, the web’s most mouthwatering food blog, are in Turkey and recently made a long journey through the country’s southeast region. The blog has several posts up reporting on their finds in the region and are well worth checking out. You can find EatingAsia here.

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2 Responses to “ EatingAsia Hits Southeast Turkey! ”
  1. Hello,
    I want to ask regarding the state of food in Turkey. I know Turkey’s main residents are Muslim but Turkey also has other religion society. I am a Muslim and my question is: Could I just eat the street food without any doubt that it is not halal?. Or should I ask the vendor?.

  2. It depends on what level of halal you are looking for. You certainly will not encounter any pork for sale. But some of meat products that are on sale may not be produced from meat that has been slaughtered according to strict halal rules. If you are concerned about that aspect, best to ask the vendor.

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