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Apr 19

The “Mesopotamian Truffle” Returns!

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Spring is upon us, which means that it’s time to go hunting for restaurants that serve keme, an elusive fungus with a beguiling taste that we’ve dubbed the “Mesopotamian Truffle.”

Impossible to cultivate and with a season that spans only a few weeks, this specialty of southeast Turkey is worth seeking out, with a taste that’s like an earthy cross between a Portobello mushroom and a very delicate potato. Last year, we got our keme fix at Kadikoy’s excellent Çiya Sofrası, where it is grilled on a skewer and served like a kebab (as well as incorporated into several other dishes).

In this morning’s edition of the English-language Today’s Zaman, though, we learned about another place in Istanbul that also serves keme, Kübban Gaziantep Mutfağı. We’re not familiar with this place, but the article (you can find it here) makes it sound very promising. The good news? The article — at least in the print edition — gives an address. The bad news? It’s all the way out in Güneşli, a neighborhood on the western outskirts of Istanbul.

For those interested in heading out there, here’s the address:
Bağlar Mahallesi, Koçman Cad. Gamsiz Sok. No: 2/B (across from the Güneşli Metro market), Güneşli
Telephone: (212) 651-8161

(photo by Yigal Schleifer)

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