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Jun 22

The Sultans’ Spread: Brunching in Ottoman Splendor

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On a hot summer day, the thought of sitting in a cramped kahvaltı salonu does not whet the appetite, nor does the prospect of paying a hefty hesap to eat breakfast at one of the swanky hotels that line the Bosphorus. It sometimes seems that you have to travel to Bursa to eat a reasonably priced breakfast in peaceful surroundings. Thankfully, that is not the case.

In a move that would appall the Padishah (but one we thoroughly approve of), the Istanbul Municipality welcomes the hungry masses into some of the most stunning historic Ottoman-era properties around town for an all-you-can-eat breakfast at rock-bottom prices. For 30 TL you can stand in line to gawk at the dusty furniture in the Dolmabahçe Palace Museum, or for 27.50 TL you can lounge around and eat like a king at one of eight park-side imperial residences scattered throughout the city.

Lately, we’ve visited the Hidiv Kasrı in Beykoz and the Malta Köşkü in Yıldız Parkı, and we intend to check the other six palaces of breakfast off the list in due course. Continue…

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