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Jun 18

Istanbul Eats on the Road: In the Republic of Köfte

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(Editor’s Note: This guest post – from the far reaches of the former Ottoman Empire – came to us courtesy of Sevin Turan, an Istanbul-based journalist and translator and a member of the Istanbul Eats team.)

“Welcome the youngest republic of the world!” This is how we were greeted when our plane landed In the international airport at Pristina, the capital city of the Republic of Kosovo. The youngest indeed – Kosovo, previously part of the former Yugoslavia, was only founded in 2008.
When people hear that you’re making plans for going to Kosovo, the first thing they say is, “Don’t forget to try the köfte (meatballs) and sucuk (spicy sausages) in Prizren.” Having heard this before, I was dreaming about the “Prizren köftesi” weeks before I went to Kosovo. But truth be told, I wasn’t expecting to be confronted by so many different variations on the theme of the chopped meat patty. Continue…

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