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Jul 29

Read Between the Buns 4: Egg & Burger

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(Editor’s Note: After previous installments of our “Read Between the Buns” series — a look at Istanbul’s burgeoning burger scene — we received complaints that we failed to consider a spot called Egg & Burger. We recently had a chance to try things out there and now return with a review to add to the burger series.)

We are still trying to figure out what to make of Egg & Burger, the much-touted burger joint in Istanbul’s refined Tesvikiye district.  Decorated in black and white tiles, Coca Cola memorabilia and heavy chrome stools and tables, Egg & Burger looks just like a Checker’s or a Rally’s – that is, a cheapo grease trap with a “nostalgic American” look. There is even a neon “Diner” sign out front. But the resemblance runs out there. Continue…

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A Beyoğlu Burger War?
2 responses - Posted 07.28.10
Early one recent morning, we noticed a big sign draped over a construction site in Tünel Square announcing the impending arrival of another branch of the upscale Dükkan Burger chain. This would place the gourmet burger shack only a few doors away from Mano Burger, a hip but more humble ...continue
Baylan Pastanesi: A Slice of History
5 responses - Posted 07.23.10
The roaring '20s: Flappers in the Pera Palas Hotel were dancing the can-can, Art Deco was all the rage, the Turkish Republic was born. Hope, progress and newness double-stepped to the beat of Kemal Atatürk’s drum. This was the backdrop to which two Istanbul bakers, Filip and Yorgi, opened a ...continue
Büyükada Hi-Lo
11 responses - Posted 07.19.10
If it’s because of showing visitors around or simply a desire to get away from the city for the day, we can usually count on at least one visit a summer to Büyükada, the largest of the Princes’ Islands. But as much as we like looking at the car-free island’s Victorian ...continue
Fish: Mmmm…Meze!
8 responses - Posted 07.09.10
“D’oh!” we said with a wince when we spotted the Ferrari parked in front of Fish, the restaurant we were heading to for dinner. It may have been the lucky day for the valet parkers who crowded around snapping pictures with their cell phones, but for us it meant certain ...continue
Inci Pastanesi: Cream Puff vs. Wrecking Ball
10 responses - Posted 06.16.10
We’d like to like the profiterole at Inci Pastanesi on Istiklal. And we’d like to believe their claim that the profiterole was invented on the premises in the 1940’s. But we like Inci for non-culinary reasons. This old school Beyoglu pastry shop has been spooning out cream puffs covered in ...continue
Istanbul Eats in Zaman
no responses - Posted 06.06.10
We recently sat down for a chat and some kofte with the good folks from the Turkish-language Zaman newspaper, where we talked our work as "taste detectives" (as the headline of the resulting article puts it) and our work in general. After the interview, we took the Zaman folks to ...continue
Antebi: Straight Outta Antep
8 responses - Posted 06.04.10
On Saturday afternoon, in the southeastern Turkish city of Gaziantep, our baklava was neatly wrapped with plastic and then paper, tagged “Antebi, Istanbul” in black marker and escorted to the bus station by either Levent or Bülent of Zeki İnal Baklavacısı. While we slept that night, our baklava passed through ...continue

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