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Jul 08

Istanbul Street (Food) Photography

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A young woman working in one of Istanbul’s numerous dried fruit and nut shops. Photo by Jonathan Lewis

Culinary Backstreets
In case you didn’t know, Istanbul Eats now lives over at Culinary Backstreets. Same great culinary walks, same great culinary writing. You’ll be redirected there in a few seconds!

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Istanbul Street (Food) Photography
3 responses - Posted 07.01.09
A vendor selling balık ekmek (fish sandwiches) from a cart in Istanbul's Eminönü neighborhood. By Nicki Sobecki continue
Istanbul Street (Food) Photography
1 response - Posted 06.24.09
[caption id="attachment_419" align="aligncenter" width="504"] Cotton candy sellers in Istanbul's Balat neighborhood. Photo by Nicki Sobecki[/caption] continue

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