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Feb 10

Istanbul Eats Drinks: Turkish Wine, Explained

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(Editor’s Note: We’ve recently been lucky enough to make the acquaintance of Serdar Kombe, one of Turkey’s leading oenophiles. These are exciting times for Turkish wine and Serdar has generously agreed to start a guest column for us about the subject. Today we are running a brief primer by Serdar about the current state of the Turkish wine industry, with a review to follow tomorrow. Stay tuned.)

A little bit about me: I was born in Istanbul in 1980. I graduated from the Etiler Hotel and Tourism Anatolian Vocational School. I started my career at the Four Seasons Hotel Sultanahmet. Then I worked at Mel’s and Vogue restaurants in Istanbul. In 2008, I was transferred to Zuma, where I work as a manager and chef sommelier right now. In 2010, I took first place in the Best Sommelier of Turkey contest, organized by the Turkish Sommelier Foundation, Chaîne de Rôtisseurs and Wines of Turkey. Later I represented Turkey in the Best Sommelier of Europe and Best Sommelier of the World contests in France and Chile.

In my posts during the upcoming weeks, I will talk about the wines that I think you have to taste now. But before that I want to talk a little about my thoughts on what is going on in Turkey’s wine scene. Continue…

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