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Vefa Gazozcusu: Nobody Beats the Fizz

Vefa Gazozcusu, photo by Paul Benjamin Osterlund

Istanbul’s Vefa neighborhood is home to a rich collection of historic treasures. Framed by the vast and beautiful 4th-century Valens Aqueducts, Vefa is in the heart of the old city but retains a sense of locality and rusty charm perhaps lost in the more touristy neighborhoods nearby. Among its institutions is Vefa Bozacısı, which has sold boza [1]a thick, fermented millet-based drink popular in the winter since 1876.

Immediately across the street is an establishment that has only been around for a few months but also specializes in another beloved local beverage, gazoz. Opened last year by Istanbul University economics student Mahmut Saklı, Vefa Gazozcu is likely the only shop in Turkey that exclusively sells the drink.

Read the rest of the review at Culinary Backstreets [2].

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