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Hamsi for Hipsters!

[1]Turns out New Yorkers are only now discovering what Turks have known for eons: that the humble anchovy is absolutely delicious (particularly when lightly coated in flour or cornmeal and fried). As an article in today’s New York Times explains, anchovies — known as “hamsi” in Turkish — are being served in a growing number of spots in NYC, from more upscale restaurants to the stand of a Brooklyn street vendor, who has cleverly named the enterprise Bon Chovie. The Times article can be found here [2].

For those New Yorkers who are planning a visit to Istanbul and want to try hamsi in its natural habitat, a roundup of our five six favorite spots to eat the little fish in Istanbul can be found here [3]. Hurry up, though: the impending arrival of summer also means the end of hamsi season.

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