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Jun 28

Bursa Kebapçısı: Good İskender, No Debating It

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According to the website of its registered trademark holder, Kebapçı İskender , it was a moment of great culinary revelation when the ingredients of İskender kebap first came together on a plate in Bursa back in the late 19th century. But we imagine this kebab’s creation as an elaborate ploy to trick a finicky child into eating his vegetables. After all, who wouldn’t gladly eat chopped tomatoes and peppers when served over succulent strands of grilled lamb that are laid atop a flatbread soaked in tangy salça and alongside a cool dollop of yogurt, the whole thing doused with fried butter?

Is it delicious like, say, chili cheese fries or pizzagna? Definitely. Inspired like a chocolate soufflé? Hardly.

Honestly, we find that the whole İskender debate – claims to which kebapçı does it in the “real” Bursa way, lawsuits pending on trademark infringement – takes all of the fun out of eating this kebab. Continue…

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The Iskender Invasion
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On Monday, the Hurriyet Daily News published a report on the latest turn in Turkish-EU relations. Yavuz Iskederoglu, the Iskender kebab king of Bursa, announced his plans to set up facilities in Latvia for the production of kebab to be sent all over Europe. Holding the trademark on Iskender kebab, a ...continue

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