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Apr 06

Istanbul Eats on the Road: Antakya’s Sultan Sofrasi

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(Editor’s Note: This guest post came to us courtesy of Katie Parla, a Rome-based food writer whose blog, Parla Food, is a great resource regarding eating in both Italy and Turkey. Katie’s is the first post in a new feature called “Istanbul Eats on the Road,” in which we plan to take an occasional look at some of the better places to eat in Turkey outside of Istanbul.)

My approach to Turkish food can be characterized by a predictable ritual: try a Turkish regional cuisine in Istanbul, become obsessed with it, plan a trip to said region for more.  Such was the case with food from the Hatay, a province in Turkey’s deep south sandwiched between the Mediterranean sea and Syria.

My first introduction to Hatay cuisine was at Antiochia in Beyoğlu, where I became fixated with the region’s sumptuously textured and complexly flavored mezes. Continue…

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