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Jul 15
Features, Reviews (Eats)
Büyükada Hi-Lo

(Editor’s Note: Since the New York Times ran a wonderful article in last Sunday’s Travel section about Büyükada, the leafy island near Istanbul, we’ve decided to rerun a previous post containing some suggestions on where to eat on the isle.)

If it’s because of showing visitors around or simply a desire to get away from the city for the day, we can usually count on at least one visit a summer to Büyükada, the largest of the Princes’ Islands.

But as much as we like looking at the car-free island’s Victorian mansions and visiting its quiet, forested backside, when it comes time to eat on Büyükada, we feel like we’re stuck inside an airport, forced to eat mediocre food at outrageous prices. (Although we very much like the food at Kıyı, a seaside restaurant on the island that we’ve previously recommended, even a casual dinner there ends up costing more than what one would like.)

If a trip to Büyükada is on your agenda this summer, here are two recommendations that have helped us get around the island dining blues…..(Click here for the rest of the review, and here for a review of a charming restaurant on Burgaz, another of the Princes’ Islands.)

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