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Radikal Reads Between the Buns

In the past, we’ve commented on the proliferation of burger joints in Istanbul. In our opinion, Kızılkayalar’s [2] “wet burger” is still the best in show because of its unbeatable combination of taste and value. But the buzz around Istanbul’s gourmet burger wars continues with a recent roundup featured in the Turkish newspaper Radikal. The article is, unfortunately, only in Turkish but the burger chart (pictured) ranks Istanbul’s gourmet burgers of note on a 10-point scale.

The sentiments of the article and, frankly, those of Istanbul Eats, are summed up in the two quotes below:

Tempo magazine’s Food Critic İlhan Demiriz: “The very term ‘gourmet hamburger’ is an oxymoron.”

Lokanta Maya’s [3] chef and owner Didem Şenol: “These prices are really high. 20 TL for a hamburger!”

To read the full article, click here [4].

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