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Best Bites 2010

[1]In the run up to the New Year, we are looking back at our notes from this year and compiling a list of 2010’s best Istanbul bites.  These “best bites” are not necessarily just about the quality of the food – though it usually seems to factor in – but the quality of the experience. Our best bites are those perfect little dining moments when the right food ended up in front of us at precisely the right time – a consoling bowl of lentil soup in a steamy restaurant on a rainy day, an apple tea that led to romance.

We invite all of our readers to submit their most memorable Istanbul (or Turkey) dining moments of 2010. We will post your dispatches along with our own throughout the month of December, picking a “Top Ten of 2010” at the end of the year. If possible, please include a photograph with all submissions, which should be sent to istanbuleats@gmail.com.

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