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Archive for May, 2010

May 31

Hayyam Birahanesi: Reeling in the Beers

Filed under Reviews (Drinks)

We’ve come to accept the fact that in Istanbul, the corner bar – in the American tradition, a neighborhood institution for local working folk to commiserate over a quiet drink after clocking out – is not a bar at all, but a teahouse. There, much like in the old neighborhood taverns of American cities, neighborhood men come and go, join a card game, read the sports page and pick the ponies.

“Old man bars”, as they are sometimes called, can be found around Istanbul but often lack the rhythm and texture of what we expect. We had all but given up on the search, until a certain little no-name joint on Tarlabaşi Bulvari attracted our interest. Continue…

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The Iskender Invasion
no responses - Posted 05.26.10
On Monday, the Hurriyet Daily News published a report on the latest turn in Turkish-EU relations. Yavuz Iskederoglu, the Iskender kebab king of Bursa, announced his plans to set up facilities in Latvia for the production of kebab to be sent all over Europe. Holding the trademark on Iskender kebab, a ...continue
Huseyin’s Çiğ Köfte Cart: Seriously Handmade
3 responses - Posted 05.24.10
Hands stained red by pepper paste is an occupational hazard of the wandering çiğ köfte man. “Machine-made doesn’t look like this,” said Huseyin usta with the intensity of a misunderstood artist, thrusting up a freshly formed lump of çiğ köfte. Just as the çiğ köfte’s red pepper left its mark ...continue
2nd Photo Contest: The Winners!
no responses - Posted 05.21.10
The people have spoken, and the Istanbul Eats team has finished its own deliberations, so we are now ready to announce the winners of our second photo competition, which focussed on shots of food makers. continue
Up in Smoke: Homegrown Turkish Delights
2 responses - Posted 05.20.10
Yesterday, a New York Times article, titled “Marijuana Fuels a New Kitchen Culture,” reported that some “chefs are unabashedly open about marijuana’s role in their creative and recreational lives and its effect on their restaurants.” With dishes like poutine of foie grois, cereal milk flavored soft-serve ice cream and deep-fried ...continue
BBQ Chicken Café: Seoul Chicken
4 responses - Posted 05.17.10
A rather intriguing bird named BBQ Chicken Café recently landed in the heart of Istiklal Caddesi, Beyoglu’s busy pedestrian-only boulevard. A large, two-story restaurant with a big, bottle shaped character that stands outside and accosts passersby, BBQ belongs to a rapidly expanding Korean fried chicken chain whose claim to fame ...continue
2nd Photo Competition: Time to Pick a Winner
2 responses - Posted 05.16.10
With the submission period now over, it's time to choose the winners of our 2nd photo competition, which focused on portraits and images of people working in the food business. The Istanbul Eats editorial team is going to choose winners from among the finalists in both the Turkey and international ...continue
Kandilli Suna’nin Yeri: Port of Call
3 responses - Posted 05.14.10
Boatspotting on the Bosphorus is a favorite pastime for those lucky enough to have windows with the right view. On any given weekend afternoon on the busy straits that divide this city, the ship and boat traffic unfolds like a caravan of the flags of the lesser-known countries of the ...continue
Back from the Hack
no responses - Posted 05.11.10
Those who tried to visit this site yesterday might have noticed some strange things going on. Turns out we had been hacked. Visitors (PC users only, it seems) were being redirected to a particularly malicious site that could possibly infect their computer with a virus. It appears that the problem started ...continue
The Other Hidrellez
1 response - Posted 05.07.10
Hidrellez, the traditional spring festival celebrated with so much gusto by the Roma communities of Istanbul, is upon us. Impromtu battles of the fiddlers, fire dancing, grill smoke and canned beer surely filled the streets of Ahirkapi, a historic Roma neighborhood near Sultanahmet that’s home to an annual Hidrellez blowout ...continue
Kalpazankaya Restaurant: Paradise Found
4 responses - Posted 05.03.10
One of the great joys of spring and summertime in Istanbul is the chance to get away for a day to one of the Princes’ Islands, the car-free and forested archipelago that is a short ferry ride away from the city. continue

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