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Archive for November, 2009

Nov 30

Istanbul’s Top 5 Street Foods: #5 – The Galata Cucumber Man

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The Cucumber Man of Galata -- photo by Jonathan Lewis

Editor’s note: This week Istanbul Eats is celebrating Istanbul’s vibrant (and sometimes plain wacky) street food scene with a highly subjective look at five of our favorite street foods and some of the best places to get them. We’ll be writing about a different food every day, so join us as we work our way up to #1 on Friday.

We’ve never learned his name and at this time of the year he is probably preparing for his winter hibernation. But we eagerly await the reappearance in the spring of the vendor we know simply as the “cucumber man of Galata” (pictured above, smoking), a chubby fellow with Coke-bottle glasses who sells what may be the city’s simplest, yet most satisfying street food: peeled and salted cukes, a fresh green rebuke to all those starchy and fried snacks out there. Continue…

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The Simits Take Manhattan
13 responses - Posted 11.29.09
We recently posted about the arrival of the simit - the sesame-encrusted bread ring that it is a Turkish street food staple - in Manhattan, where it is being baked on location at the newly opened New York outpost of Güllüoğlu, an Istanbul baklava maker (not to be confused, as ...continue
Istanbul Eats in the GlobalPost
no responses - Posted 11.29.09
We recently took Nichole Sobecki, a reporter for the GlobalPost, on a walking tour of some of our favorite food stops in Istanbul's historic Eminönü and Fatih neighborhoods. You can check out her report here. continue
Istanbul Eats’ Photo Competition: The Winner!
no responses - Posted 11.27.09
We are happy to present the winner of our first photo competition: "The Fruit Terminator" by Uta Beyer, a researcher, consultant and amateur photographer who lived in Istanbul for many years but is currently based in Tbilisi, Georgia. Here's what Uta had to say about her winning photo: The photo was ...continue
Istanbul Eats’ Photo Competition: Results (Pt. 2)
no responses - Posted 11.25.09
The first runner-up in our photo competition is "Nazar Cookies," by WenLin Soh. (You can see the photo that won third place here.) Originally from Singapore, she is currently on a one-year sabbatical which she is spending eating her way around the world, including some stops in Turkey. We asked ...continue
Istanbul Eats’ Photo Competition: The Results Are In (Pt. 1)
2 responses - Posted 11.23.09
After going through numerous worthy entries, we are happy to announce that we have picked the winner and the two runners-up in our first ever photo competition. The subject of the competition was simple - "Istanbul food culture" - and the entries covered it from a variety of angles. Today we ...continue
The Simit Has Landed, Pt. II
no responses - Posted 11.23.09
The November 25 New York Times has a quick review of the new Upper East Side Manhattan branch of Güllüoğlu, an Istanbul baklava maker (not to be confused, as we initially did, with the legendary Istanbul baklava house also called Güllüoğlu). We recently linked to a New York magazine item about ...continue
EatingAsia Interviews Çiya Chef Musa Dağdeviren
2 responses - Posted 11.22.09
EatingAsia, a marvelous blog that (mostly) covers Asian food and culinary traditions, recently caught up with chef Musa Dağdeviren, creator of Istanbul's Çiya Restaurant. A kind of culinary anthropologist, Dağdeviren has helped introduce Istanbulites and visitors to the city to traditional recipes and ingredients from across Turkey that are even ...continue
Zinnet Restaurant: Silk Road Trip
1 response - Posted 11.17.09
There are those restaurants worth going to because of their out-of-the-way location – a fish shack at the end of a lonely beach, a fondue hut at the top of an Alpine ridge. Then there are those worth seeking out despite their location – that culinary gem stuck inside a ...continue
Adana Özasmaaltı: Club Kebab
2 responses - Posted 11.13.09
In London or New York, one could spend hours before lunch deciding among Eritrean, Guatemalan or that Jamaican jerked chicken joint on the corner. The choice in Istanbul, for the most part, is comfortingly simple: “fish or meat?” On one recent lunch run we had with Mehmet Bey, an Asian-sider who ...continue
Istanbul Top 10 (Take One)
3 responses - Posted 11.09.09
We were asked by the World Foodie Guide, a great blog that is a wonderful resource for all things food-related, to submit an Istanbul "top 10" list. You can read our guest post here. continue

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